About the family of Govinda Dasu

The genealogy of Dasu family can be traced back to 1650 with Mr,Raghunath Rao as the earliest known member of this family hailing from Dharwad now in Karnataka state of India. At that time it was in Maharashtra and he appeared to have been an army officer. His successor Mr. Haridas Gangoji is understood to have lived in Hyderabad . He is known to have been a Hari Bhakta and a Haridas from whence the Dasu name appeared to have been adopted. The next descendent Mr. Raghunayakulu came to the coastal port town Maachilipatnam along with a Portuguese delegation work and settled down there. His successor was Mr. Gangaraju appeared to have gone to aplace called Nuziveedu in Andhra Pradesh as a Dandapathi.

Mr.Gangaraju had three sons, Janakiramayya, Sunderaramayya and Venkatramayya. Little is known about Janakiramayya and Venkatramayya’s descendents. However Sunderaramayya had a son Mr. Gangaraju (II) who was married to Mrs Chennamma who lived in Machilipatnam during 1750 /1760 working for East India company while it was being set up there. The progeny continued through his three sons Mr Akkiraju, Raghunayakulu and Brahmayya. Through their joint efforts they acquired large landed properties in various villages in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Akkiraju did the benevolent act of consecrating the temple of Lord Somalingeswara in Alluru village. Mr Raghunayakulu married Mrs Atchmma He worked as Diwan (Chief Advisor) for a local Zamindar at a place known as Guraja in Andhra pradesh.

The lineage of the present generations of Dasu family members is connected to Mr. Gangaraju(II) through his son Mr.Brahmayya and grandson Krishnayya. The illustrious member of Dasu family Mr.Sreeramulu(I) is the grandson of Mr.Krishnayya through his son Mr. Kannayya. As can be seen from the genealogical tables there is a division of the lineage branches during 1700 and little is known of the family members and descendents of Mr.Akkiraju and Mr.Raghunayakulu as of today.

We are now trying to preserve and maintain genealogical details to the extent that are available and could be collected. The data beginning from Sri Raghunatha rao till Dasu Sreeramulu garu was based upon the compilation made by Late Sri Dasu Vishnurao (I) . It is our earnest wish and hope that all Dasu family members who are now well spread out all over the world can use this as a media of tracking relationship and origin to one another.

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