Govinda Rao Dasu

This is my grandfather’s brother.

ధార్వాడ,గోల్కొండ,వరంగల్,బందరు,నూజివీడు,చరిత్ర తెలిసినంతవరకు అనగా 1560-1600 ఏ .డి నాటికి అక్బరు కాలంలో వీరు మహారాష్ట్ర దేశంలోని ధార్వాడ నగర వాస్తవ్యులు.

He was an important lawyer Hyderabad. He was married to a doctor.

1 thought on “Govinda Rao Dasu”

  1. It’s interesting that this little historical tidbit on this site actually is connected to a lot of history. This family actually owned the largest printing press in Asia at one point. That press published the vast majority of school books which educated the subcontinent of South Asia — it educated more people than any other press in the world.


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